Care Home Cleaning in Leicester

Could your care home do with a tidy up? You no longer will have to worry about finding the right contract cleaners……

At ICE we offer a quality, reliable care home cleaning service in Leicester. The close-contact between often vulnerable individuals, more susceptible to infection. Health and hygeine is therefore a crucial factor. At ICE, we understand the importance of high standards of cleanliness.

We also understand that it is important for residents to feel safe and secure with unknown outside parties. All our cleaners are trusted, reliable and friendly individuals, who work hard as part of the ICE team.

Here at ICE we want to help you avoid the risk of infection through insufficient cleaning services. Our Care Home Cleaning in Leicester services include:

High quality, effective eco-friendly cleaning products for your care home
An efficiently trained, professional team.
Affordable, quality cleaning packages, tailored to suit your environment and requirements
Excellent customer service – friendly, reliable, honest team to work with.

We have over 170 different products at our disposal where we are able to handle a whole range of jobs. Our trained cleaning team are fully qualified to choose the appropriate products for the job. You can trust us and we can arrange a time that suits you for our cleaners to come and visit your care home. They will complete all commercial cleaning duties at the highest of standards.

Eco-Friendly Care Home Cleaning in Leicester

As a contract cleaning company in Leicester we are committed to keeping the environments in which our clients work and live in, as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. Are you an eco-conscious Care Home in Leicester? Call us for Eco Friendly Cleaning.

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