Cleaning Products and Services

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment At The Very Best Prices, Delivered To Your Business Without Stress or Hassle

For any business, keeping tracking of what supplies and equipment you’re likely to need is a thankless job, and not as easy as it might sound. Not only do you have to keep a very close eye on your stock levels, to avoid running out, you also need to continually keep searching to make sure you’re sourcing the best supplies at the most efficient cost for your business.

Let Us Take The Stress Out Of Managing Your Supplies

As you know, here at ICE, it’s our mission to make managing the cleanliness of your business as stress-free as possible for you and your staff. So it’s only natural that we’re excited to announce we can now take this promise to the next level.

After being continually asked for recommendations on where to buy supplies and equipment at the most competitive prices, we’ve been able to go one step further as we now bring you our very own recommendations exclusively for you.

We’ve been able to use our long-standing relationship with some of the leading suppliers to be able to bring you wide range of high quality, cleaning supplies, paper products, washroom supplies, floor care and even catering products at the most competitive prices around.

This exclusive service is only available to our existing customers

  • FREE supplies and equipment assessment
  • Weekly or monthly supplies recommendation
  • Stress-free one-stop ordering process
  • No shipping or delivery costs
  • Free exchanges

We’ll Take Care Of The Ordering Process

The biggest issue when it comes to tackling the task of ordering new cleaning supplies and equipment is the endless amount of time trawling through catalogues and websites in order to compare prices, delivery times and other hidden costs such as postage and packaging, not to mention the effort you need to invest when things don’t go to plan or you’ve ordered the wrong products.

Running out of washroom or kitchen supplies is not only frustrating, but can also damage your reputation or breach basic expectations of your staff or customers.

Let us take care of your supplies whilst we’re cleaning your premises. After all, we already have first-hand knowledge of know exactly how much you’re likely to need.

Each week or month, we’ll produce a completed recommendation for the exact requirements of supplies that you’re business is likely to require. You can then double check to make sure you’re happy with this, before leaving us to take care of EVERYTHING ELSE.

Stop wasting your time:

  • No more browsing endless catalogues or websites
  • Recommendations based on your actual usage, not guesswork
  • No more chasing order updates or requesting invoices
  • No more stress, you’re in control!

A Huge Range of Recommended Products At Affordable Prices.

We’re able to take care of the management and supplies of a huge range of products. Here’s just a quick list of everything we supply.

  • Paper Products

    Toilet Rolls

    Hand Towels

    Paper Rolls

    Kitchen Rolls

    Wipes & Cleanings

    Cleaning Supplies

  • Cleaning Supplies



    Waste Disposal



    Specialist Cleaning

  • Washroom Supplies

    Baby Care

    Hand Dryers

    Towel Dispensers

    Soap Dispensers

  • Much Much More

    Floor Care

    Catering Supplies

    Insect Control

    and more…

How Much Time AND Money Could You Save?

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ll prove to you. Take our FREE Supplies Challenge and we’ll provide a no-risk assessment of exactly how much money and time you will save.

Contact us today to book your FREE supplies challenge assessment or alternatively, speak to one of our team by calling 01162 668 449.